Surakai's Vision of a guild

With being in all sorts of guilds and having just a taste of being “In charge” with the hunter class lead in MC/BWL and 7 years of being a follower it is time for me to lead my own crew.

My vision is to have a guild that; is friendly, mature, forthcoming with one another, has in-house crafting, and is active in all aspects of the game. I want the guild membership to be independent and start a raid if they are in need of one or a group for chain heroics.

Some examples of what I do not want to see or hear about:

/g Hey anyone have any Volatile fire I can buy?

/g I have 2 20G each bub.


/g anyone have a truegold transmute I can use?
/g Yeh, but I charge 250 for mine.

If you have a cool down or an item that the guild needs or a guild member is asking for you should not charge them. If they offer money then it is OK to take it. But ONLY if they offer it.

Another example:

/g anyone want to do some chain heroics?


/g anyone here? 10 people on and no response?

<X person has logged off>

/g what’s his issue?


/g Forming a raid for progression, PST me for invites!

/w (Hunter) I’m game!

/w (RL) nah, we don’t need no stinking hunters. Go roll a class that can be useful

Or: /w (RL) nah your gear sucks even though you have a 360 Ilvl you still suck.