Keybindings are very important to playing world of warcraft effectively.

With out a good set (Good for you not someone else) of keybinds you can be 2K DPS or more behind most other people.

Think of Keybinds as different pages of spells.

Your most used spells are used with no modifier like alt, ctrl or shift. Think about the most used spells and interface windows that you have (and use a whole lot) and place them on a keyboard template, Preferably Blank. Be sure to leave room for your movement keys, Forward, Backward, Strafe left and right. (Keyboard turning is bad… M’kay?)

I use this picture and use an image program to expand its size.

Then look at your Modifier keys these are <Shift> <Ctrl> & <Alt> what ones are most comfortable for you to press? Least comfortable? And in between?

Your next “Page” is going to be your most comfortable Modifier key.

Your third “Page” is going to be your middle comfort modifier key.

Your Fourth “Page” is going to be your least comfortable modifier key. And what I like to call a “Clean up” page for user interface windows like pet spells or character screen etc.

If you have a mouse that has buttons feel free to use those as well there are some mice that can have up to 32 or more buttons! All of those can be used with modifier keys! That is basically like 128 new keys!