This section is to explain what the guild does and how it does it. This ranges from monthly guild meetings, to weekly events etc.


We encourage our members to constantly improve, whether that means in level or in skill of creation or in gathering; these are all seen as good things. We attempt to get one guild run or more for instances per day; this helps with group cohesion, and will be good practice for Heroics and raids. There are also usually max level people who are willing to run groups and individuals through dungeons, as an alternative to long DPS queues.


There are multiple events weekly, including old world raids, raiding for mounts and achievements, and scheduled Heroics.

We have been going through the game content as a guild, in order. Burning Crusade has just been started, and we have been doing these every Sunday at either 3 or 4pm server time.


In the course of the month we accumulate a substantial amount of gear and other items. The last Friday of the month is the guild purge for guild funds. We also have our guild meetings monthly, see below.

Guild Meetings

The first Saturday of the month is when we have our guild meetings, check your in-game calendar for the time.

In the event that our Ventrilo server fills completely during the meetings, all important information will be translated into /raid, and any questions or comments can be asked in /raid as well. We will go for as long as we have something to talk about. Notes will be recorded on the meeting and posted on the forums for review if anyone is unable to attend.

After the meeting

The guild master has brought a game from one of the guilds that he belonged to in years past. "Buddy Slugs."

The rules for buddy slugs:

  • There is no talk of buddy slugs.
  • There is no level requirement to buddy slugs. (A level 1 may and has challenged a max level dude)
  • You are unarmed or discretely armed. (Brass knuckles yes, Claws no.)
  • You are nekkid from the waist up. (Belt, boots, pants ONLY)
  • You may wear a tabard if you wish. In competition it is mandatory!
  • If while unarmed or discretely armed you can use an ability like kick or deterrence you may do so. However, you may not cast spells like fear, traps, or anything like that.
  • No bandages.