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Our Standard against the Sky of the Molten Front.

G.B.M.C. Wiki Table of Contents

  1. Roleplay Premise
  2. The Guild Master's Vision
  3. Gloryblade Clan History
  4. Membership
  5. Training Grounds Portal
  6. Guild Traditions
  7. Raiding
  8. Campfire Stories
  9. Recruitment

Welcome to the Guild

Hello and welcome! The Gloryblade Mercenary Company is located on the roleplay server Moon Guard, in World of Warcraft.

About Us: Statistics

We are a guild that fosters a helpful environment in leveling, dungeon crawls, player vs. player, roleplay, professions, questing, and raiding.

  • Created on: May 24, 2011
  • Game: World of Warcraft
  • Server: Moon Guard
  • Rule Set: Role Play / PvE
  • Primary Language: English
  • Faction: Horde
  • Created By: Lukewoah
  • Guild Level: 20
  • Current Guild Master: Surakai
  • Accounts: 41
  • Characters: 106
  • Guild Overflow Bank: Gloryblade Industries
  • Vent Server: YES!
    • Port# 3890
    • The password is only given out upon joining.
    • 15 seats

Guild Focus

From roleplaying, raiding, to player vs. player, we expend into all apects of the game as the desire takes us.

To Do List

  • Our Wiki
    • Working on the collective history of the guild into a written narrative
    • Condesing and simplifying the current written sections
    • Cleaning and beautifying the current layout of the guild
    • Transparency/watermark logo for the guild...?
    • Completing player profiles
    • Completing character profiles (perhaps with artwork)
    • Picture gallery, perhaps?
  • Raiding
    • We need more members of the guild at the maximum level
    • Establish raid rules and loot system
  • Guild Meetings
    • First Saturday of the month at 6 or 7 PM Server time.
      • This may be changed due to scheduleing conflicts. Check the In game callandar
  • RP Events
    • Collecting ideas
    • Location scouting (we could turn this into an event in and of itself.)
    • Bi-monthly roleplay events? (every other week, try to get some other guilds involved)
    • Secret santa, via roleplay?
  • Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment!

What we are working on right now

We are currently focused on gaining guild achievements and experience to our ultimate goal of guild level 25.

We are doing this by leveling alternate characters. The rank Nuts (Alt) are the guild's alternate characters of any level.

We are also looking to bring in quality people into our guild. There is no curent guild member limit set by the guild master.

Latest activity