These are the rules and loot method for any GBMC raids

Loot Rules

Main spec:

This is the spec that you are raiding with; you may ONLY roll main spec for your off spec if you are filling a role for the raid. EX: Garnoz is a feral druid with a resto off spec. We need a healer and Garnoz steps up he may then roll main spec feral off spec Resto. Rolling for this will last 30 seconds if you are late rolling after it has closed you forfeit your roll.

Off Spec:

This is the spec that is not your main focus. You may only roll off spec if no one wants the item for main spec. Rolling will last for 30 seconds, if you are late rolling after the 30 seconds has ended you forfeit your roll.

Shard / RP / Free Roll:

If no one wants the item for main or off spec and we have an enchanter available we will disenchant the item. If we have no Enchanter we will put the item up for RP or Free roll.

Limits to items:

Once you receive one item for Main spec and off spec for your role (DPS, Tank, Heals) you will wait until everyone in that role has received one item of main and off spec before you can roll again. Free rolls do not count against this total.

Raiding information

Raids are scheduled to run for 5 hours from 5PM server time to 10 PM server time Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. A Saturday or Sunday run may be scheduled to do Clean up of bosses that we could not finish.

Raids will form up at 20 mins before start time please have all consumables, reagents, repair money etc gathered before then.

Being late by more than 15 minuets will get your spot filled by a guild member who is on line or a pug if we can not get a guild member. Unless stated otherwise and told the raid leader. Not someone else in the raid that will forget to tell the raid lead until they mention something. Send an in game mail to the raid lead as soon as you know that you will be more than 15 mins late.

No shows will get you bumped to the bottom of the raid list. If you can not go do not sign up.

Ad-hoc or other raids

If you can not make the raid times or you just hit the maximum level feel free to form up your own raid group and run with them.

Pugs / Pick ups

we will try our damndest to take guild members over pick ups but there are times that it can not be avoided. Pugs will be allowed the same loot privileges for putting up with us. 1 main, 1 off, roll for their role.